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Bio Finishing Enzymes

Textile processing industries have always been one of the most environment polluting ones. An innovative eco-friendly method that facilitates fabric processing without hampering the environment and giving results similar to chemically processed textiles is the need of the hour. Using enzymes for biowash and bio-finish is proving to be a ray of hope against the majorly effluent producing chemical processes.

With pacing time enzymes are profoundly being used in textile applications. Other than dyeing, enzymes in textile industry are also actively used to improve their appearance. The process of treating textiles to make them lustrous and smooth is known as textile finishing. And using enzymes for the same purpose is termed as bio-finishing.

Enzymes for bio-finishing are environment friendly, and readily biodegradable. Besides, they do not leave chemical residue on the processed fabrics. Bio-finished fabrics are free from surface hairiness hence are smoother and more lustrous. Bio-finishing is also termed as bio-polishing or bio-washing as it reduces pilling and softens the fabric hence giving it a polished look.

The enzymes for bio-finishing target the removal of the small fiber ends protruding from the fabric surface thereby reducing the hairiness or fuzz on the fabrics. The hydrolysis action of the enzyme weakens the protruding fibers to the extent that a small physical abrasion force is sufficient to break and remove them. Bio polishing can be accomplished at any time during wet processing but is most conveniently performed after bleaching. It includes enzymatic desizing, bio-scouring, bio-bleaching, bio-washing, bio-polishing, finishing using biopolymers, aromatherapy and specialty finishes like wrinkle free effect, antimicrobial finish, deep sleep finishing etc using various enzymes. The cellulose enzyme plays an eminent role in bio-finishing. The cellulose treatment caters elimination of micro-fibril thus imparting a cleaner surface.

The Enzymes for bio-wash manufactured by Nature Bio Science helps in improving the texture of the fabric by increasing its flexibility thereby enhancing the finesse of a textile. The enzymes manufactured by us are result of consistent research work that endeavors to facilitate textile industries with updated and latest enzyme technology.