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Detergent Enzymes

Chemically made Detergents are the prime source of water effluents that harm the environment. The hazardous effects the chemical detergents have on environment is well known globally. The never ending biotechnological research has helped in an unhindered progress of the detergent market and has contributed significantly in making detergents safer for the environment. The use of detergent enzymes in laundering is the most favorable venture of biotechnology.

Enzymes used in detergent are gaining accolades round the globe as they cater similar results without harming the environment. Also known as biological detergents, these contain enzymes harvested from various organisms like bacteria. The use of enzymes in formulation of detergents is a common practice now.

Bio-detergents clean in the same way as their chemical counterparts with an additional effect from enzymes. The detergent enzymes break down protein, starches and fat in stains and dust. The stains from food, sweat and mud are easily washed off from the clothes. Adding to the effectiveness of stain removal, detergents which constitute enzymes enable stainless cleaning at lower temperature than that required by normal detergents. A biological detergent contains enzymes like amylase, a cellulase, a protease and a lipase which are specific in action against stains. The potency of detergents improves by the addition of specific enzymes that dissolve easily and remove starch and protein-based stains. In the recent past protein stains like blood were almost impossible to remove with a normal detergent. Inspite of laundering at high temperatures, such blood stains rarely diminished. Detergent enzymes like proteases offered a solution to such stringent stain removal. This enzyme attacks on protein stains, while other enzymes such as amylases remove starch stains.

One of the many advantages of enzyme washing is that these soften the fabric thence giving them a finished look moreover the use of enzymes in detergent ensures brighter colors and longer-lasting clothes.

The enzymes for detergents manufactured at Natural Bio Science are safe and cost-effective to use. These are a result of industrious research that endeavors to give results specific to the needs of detergent industry.