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Dairy Enzymes

Indians are known globally for their love of milk and milk products. As a consequence of white revolution, India has emerged as the largest milk producing nation in the world. Owing to its production capacity, and plus the availability of milk products in the country has triggered the dairy industry to convert the liquid milk into more prolific products using enzymatic processes. Urbanization has rendered an increase in the demand of processed dairy products like cheese and low-lactose milk.

For enhancing the quality level of milk and milk products, a variety of dairy enzymes from microbial as well as from non-microbial sources are used in dairy processing. Dairy enzymes are used for the production of cheese, yoghurt and other milk products.

The utility of dairy enzymes like proteases, lipases, esterases, lactase, and catalase in dairy technology is well recognized. Use of Various dairy enzymes is as follows:


Also known as rennins which is a mixture of chymosin and pepsin is obtained mainly from animal and microbial sources .These are used for milk coagulation that initiate cheese production.


These accelerate cheese ripening, and are used for modification of functional properties. They also modify milk proteins by reducing the allergenic properties of cow milk products for infants.


are used mainly in cheese ripening for development of lipolytic flavors.


Lactase is used to hydrolyze lactose to glucose and galactose as a digestive aid and to improve the solubility and sweetness in various dairy products.

These not only improve freshness in dairy products but also reduce whey bitterness in them. From being used as coagulants for making cheese to bioprotective enzymes that enhance shelf life and safety of dairy products dairy enzymes cater wide utility.

The Dairy Enzymes from the house of Nature Bio Science emancipate better flavors and also improves the texture of the products. With the advent of technological processes for manufacturing value added milk products, the demand for the enzymes manufactured by us is on an all time high due to the quality of enzymes we produce.