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Industrial Enzymes

Enzyme technology today is proving to be a great helping hand for human efforts to attain a hazard free environment. Enzymes are the biological molecules used to catalyze any chemical and biochemical reaction. They work by lowering the activation energy for a reaction resulting in an increased rate of reaction. Enzymatic reactions are million times faster than un-catalyzed reaction. Due to this ability of enzymes, these are used in chemical industries and other industrial applications

Industrial enzymes are a big boon to various chemical industries as they enhance end product availability at a faster rate. They are specific in action and do not interfere with the chemical reaction, making them a better choice over chemical counterparts. Industrial enzyme companies are research based and endeavor to provide improved versions of enzymes that have evolved after immense experimentation. These are less expensive as compared to chemicals and work at optimum temperatures and milder conditions. The costs incurred on enzymes in an industry is often only a minor fraction of the over-all expense on the process, hence these help in gaining higher profits. Moreover these enzymes prove prolific for ever industry. Being less hazardous to environment, work place and work force, industrial enzymes give better results in end products and are more reliable due to their activity process. Industrial enzymes prove useful to many types of industries

Being one of the best Industrial enzyme companies Nature Bio Science endeavors to furnish industrial enzymes specific to the needs of the sector. The enzymes manufactured by us find use in industries like: Food Industry, Dairy Industry, Detergent Industry, Breweries, Paper industry and bio-fuels Industry. Since these enzymes do not alter or effect chemical reaction, they are much more viable for pharmaceutical industry also.

We specialize in manufacturing products bestowed with following enzymes:.

  • Amylase: Basically useful for food processing, baking ,yeast production, paper industry, starch industry.
  • Proteases: Primarily used by breweries,biscuit manufacturers and detergent manufacturers.
  • Cellulase: This enzyme is prominently used in Biofuel Industry and paper industry.

Our products are imbibed with other industrial enzymes like Lactase, Lipase, Xylanase, lignases, glucoamylases etc. for diverse uses.