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Animal & Poultry Feed

Animal feed in the Poultry sector accounts for 60-70 percent of total expenses. Feeding livestock and poultry is the costliest and takes a toll from keeper’s pocket. To inhibit expenses, many producers and poultry keepers have supplemented the feed with enzyme additives. Adding Poultry feed enzymes is the healthier way of accentuating meat produce and is also relatively cheaper and faster.

Nature Bio Science Poultry feed Enzymes are biological catalysts which instill biochemical reactions without undergoing any self-change. Being protein in nature these are composed of amino acids arranged in a sequence. They accelerate chemical reactions of the living cells for certain nutrients from feed stuffs to become available to the organs and tissues. Enzymes are not living organism but they are products of living organism such as bacteria, yeast, fungi and plant tissue. Poultry Feed enzymes enhance the digestibility of the feed nutrients in situ.

Nature bio science feed enzymes are produced from naturally occurring fungi, yeast and bacteria. We use modern fermentation techniques to manufacture enzyme feeds to give a final product that contains a variety of enzymes. There are variant enzymes that are essential to animal & poultry feed. Each one plays a specific role and function hence resulting in numerous benefits for the poultry producers. The enzymes commonly used in poultry feed bestow a gamut of benefits to both poultry producers that too without any negative effects on the environment.

The enzymes used in poultry feed are mainly carbohydrates and when added to feed, become active only after hydration. Basically the final product of Poultry fed enzymes is a composition of Proteases, Carbohydrases, Xyalanase, Glucanase and Phytase.

The enzymes manufactured at Nature Science are cost-effective and safe to consume. These not only escalate the efficiency of conventional feed stuffs but also increase the digestibility of fiber components, hence reducing the manure output. Since these render availability of nutrients to organs and tissues are an efficient way of building health in livestock.

We specialize in following products:

  • Nature Carb Pro- Protease & various carbohydrases for better digestion of feed in animal.
  • Nature Phyt - For digestibility and phytate hydrolysis, enhancing the availability of phosphorus, calcium and amino acids to feedstock.