Welcome to our Nature BioScience


Measuring enzyme activity is a precise undertaking that requires technical expertise, skill as well as laboratory infrastructure. With sophisticated equipment we have at Nature BioScience and our group companies, in addition to the enzyme products we manufacture and supply, we also provide laboratory services which include enzyme identification, activity analysis, stability analysis as well as testing for competitive analysis of market products on demand. Please contact us for your analytical service requirements.

Our Quality Assurance/Quality Control Department (QA/QC) is responsible for ensuring the quality and safety of every product manufactured at our facility. 

All products blended at our facility undergo rigid testing at our own in-house Quality Control lab. This testing ensures that the products we manufacture meet all listed specifications and pass all Quality standards set forth by the industries we serve. A Certificate of Analysis with the testing results is included with every order that is shipped.

Our Quality Control lab is staffed by qualified biochemists that have been trained to perform the unique set of tests required for this industry. 

Research & Development

Our Extraordinary R&D experts provide innovative support to our customers in the following areas:

  • Awareness of the wide array of enzymes that we sell including activities, side-activities, and precise understanding of pH, temperature, and time requirements for best functionality
  • Knowledge of how enzymes function together as enzyme blends, Understanding of how enzymes provide unique benefits to the industry in areas that matter to you including sugar, alcohol, food, detergents, and waste treatment.
  • Technical Support: Nature BioScience has established itself as the most customer focused enzyme company and R&D plays its part by providing individually tailored guidance and support as you use enzymes to achieve your product goals. We will walk you through every step of the way as well as provide totally new ideas for your consideration for traditional challenges. We will also carry out experiments to provide the necessary data specifically for your production conditions.