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Water Treatment Enzymes

Our planet is fragile and precarious to accumulation of waste in water. A cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for waste management is the need of hour. Waste water from Household drains, food production plants, waste treatment plans and many more, needs to be recycled and put to use. Using enzymes for waste water treatment is one of the valuable ways of making water reusable.

Water though occupies 71 percent of the Earth’s surface, yet only a meager 0.3 percent proves useful for human consumption. With every acing hour the percentage of usable water is decreasing, all thanks to the ever developing technology and population. To combat this situation, waste water recycling is proving fruitful.

Waste water treatment is the process of converting waste and abandoned waters into a form though not consumable can at least be returned to the water cycle. As this water treatment implies to removing impurities from water and making it usable, it applies equally to both normal water and waste water. Using enzymes for water treatment is one of the best ways to make water reusable. Waters from effluents not only pose danger to the whole humanity but are equally dangerous to the whole ecosystem, hence need immediate action.

Nature Bio Science manufactures enzymes for water treatment that effectively break down the organic wastes and enhances the quality of water without any use of dreadful chemicals. Our enzymes for wastewater treatment contain specially selected bacteria strains that start acting quickly to degrade organic waste, reduce odors, and improve system efficiency for a long term use. Being safe and non-toxic for environment, our special graded enzymes for water treatment reduces the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) in effluents and also improves water quality more consistently.

Nature Bio Science enzymes for wastewater treatment mortify the organic waste immediately upon addition, while our enzyme-producing bacteria strains use the organic wastes as carbon and nitrogen sources for growth and effectively treat your system for a long term. We manufacture a series of several pre-formulated enzyme and/or bacteria waste treatment products that have wide application and use. We also formulate products that fit your specific preferences and needs.

  • Improve treatment system efficiency
  • Reduce odor
  • Reduce sludge volume
  • Improve the clarity of ponds
  • Reduce COD (chemical oxygen demand) in the effluent
  • Improve effluent water quality more consistently