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Invert Sugar Manufacturers in India

We are Manufacturers and exporters of high quality Invert Sugar Syrup from India. Our Invert Sugar Syrup is widely used in various Industries including Hotels, restaurants and Coffee shops. Invert Sugar Syrup is majorly used in bakery, soft drinks, ice creams, herbal cosmetics and squashes etc. We are exporting Invert Sugar Syrup to various countries like Middle East, Dubai, Poland, UAE, GCC, Jordan, Israel, whole Europe,(Germany, Polland), UK, Indonesia, South Korea, Africa (Especially South Africa). Enriched with a vast industry experience we are capable of manufacturing supreme quality Pure Invert Sugar Syrup under controlled hygienic environment.

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Invert Sugar

NBS Invert Sugar is manufactured using best quality double Refined Sugar conforms to IP, BP specication

NBS Process of Invert Sugar

The process usually adopts, breaking the bonds between glucose and fructose through enzymatic hydrolysis process, C12H22O11 + H2O ------> C6H12O6 + C6H12O6 resulting in a solution of half free glucose and half free fructose which makes the Invert sugar sweeter than regular crystal sugar.

Uses Of Invert Sugar

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    Distillery Grade

    Since many years, starch has been converted into glucose using acid and chemicals. With the arrival of enzyme technology

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    Honey Grade

    Ethanol being a renewable resource of energy is probably a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels. Demand for Ethanol is increasing day by day

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    Pharma Grade

    A purified form of Ethanol, the grain alcohol is produced from the distillation of fermented grains. Generally ethanol at industrial scale is produced

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    Bakery Grade

    Animal feed in the Poultry sector accounts for 60-70 percent of total expenses. Feeding livestock and poultry is the costliest and takes a toll from keeper’s

  • Crystallisation Control: Invert Sugar is used to slow down and minimize the crystallization (the major problem area faced by food & beverage industry), thereby extending the shelf life of products.
  • Humectancy/ Moistness: Invert Sugar has a high affinity for water, for which it is used to maintain the product moisture, extending the acceptable Shelf life of the Product.
  • Flavour Enhancement: The Fructose in Invert Sugar syrup has a natural Affinity to fruit flavour. So it enhances the natural flavour of the products.
  • Water Activity Reduction/ High Osmotic Pressure: Invert Sugar increase the Osmotic Pressure much more than sucrose. Water is present but with a higher Osmotic Pressure which thus inhibits microbial growth in products increasing the shelf life.
  • Freezing Point Reduction: A low freezing point is important in ice cream and frozen desserts. The affinity for water for Invert Sugar prevents the formation of large ice crystals in the product like Ice Cream, Cocktails, Filling, Topping, etc.
  • Sweetness: Invert Sugar (50% inverted sugar) has an increased sweetness of 10% when compared to pure sugar.
  • Preservative Effect: Invert Sugar has a lower water activity than that of sucrose, and so can be used to give a greater preservative effect and hence increased shelf life by retaining the high quality of the product.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Being Ready-To-Use, it reduces operational cost as well as labour cost thereby increases productivity without compromising on the Quality.

NBS is a unique ready solution for all the problems related to crystallising , proper mixing of sugar and is one of the important factors to cut down the cost of production. The NBS range guarantees high performance as compared to the current market standards and stands out as a result of consistent performance without variations in quality.

NBS offer ready to use Invert Sugar to various based industries as:

NBS is available in suitable small as well bulk business packaging to serve the various purposes of industry. We are also looking for channel partners for distribution and marketing for the NBS range.



  • Source of instant energy
  • Higher degree of solubility than sugar
  • Long shelf life


  • Lowers baking temperature for faster baking and enhances aroma, improves textures & taste
  • Gives faster richer crust and reduce breakage of biscuits. Tenderize and help retain moisture ensures freshness and longer shelf life bakery products
  • Reducing properties helps in inhibition of oxidative degradation in foods like jams, jellies ketchup's, ice cremes, squashes
  • Imparts more luster and color, while retaining integrity and nutritional value of fruits
  • Provides no crystallization when used in sot drinks, sherbets other cold recipes



  • Ideal for all liquid formulations as well as medicinal syrups (which are not palatable and therefore require sweetening)
  • Taste masking effect on bitterness of medicinal syrups
  • It is ready to use sweetener for all liquid preparation


  • Pharma grade invert syrup or pharmaceutical grade invert syrup are used in various cough syrups and glucose & fructose based intravenous fluids. The diverse physio-chemical properties of pharma grade invert sugar syrup along with sweetness, low toxicity and high purity makes it ideal for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • General Use - Domestic Applications
  • Bread, cakes and Pastries
  • Herbal cosmetics.



  • Completely organic
  • Delicious taste
  • No harmful ingredient
  • Ready to use sweetener
  • Can be used for variety of eatables
  • Rich color
  • Bakes fast
  • Safe and healthy
  • Develops luscious flavor
  • Protects and extends freshness
  • Decreases splintering of biscuits


  • Used as a General sweetener in domestic applications
  • In Bakeries for manufacturing of biscuits and other bakery items
  • Our Golden Syrup is available in various packaging, and can be provided in customized packaging for bulk requirements •


  • • Product is packed in food grade 300 Kg. HDPE barrels and 70 Kg jerrycan as per above product range.
  • The product can be tailor made as per customer requirement.


Invert Sugar: The Sweet Secret of Culinary Excellence

Invert Sugar, derived from sucrose through inversion, is a liquid sweetener treasured for its versatility and performance in culinary arts. Its unique blend of glucose and fructose enhances sweetness, texture, and flavor in confectionery, baked goods, beverages, and more. Unlike sucrose, it resists crystallization, ensuring superior results in every recipe. Elevate your creations with Invert Sugar's magical touch, beloved by chefs, bakers, and food enthusiasts worldwide. Experience the difference in taste and quality with Invert Sugar, your key ingredient for culinary excellence.

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